To be international student is more important in the gloabised world,Studying overseas provides you with the chance to challenge yourself further your skills learn a new language and experience in education. Especially BMS’s global reputation offers a unique combination of advantages that helps students launch their meaningful vocational careers. In this context, you can easily get career advantages that international experiences are endless.

To gain a fresh perspective on your studies

To challange yourself in a different city and academic environment

To learn new vocational skills

To develop your vocational skills

To get a discipline with the benefit of global perspective

To participate small class seizes and individual attention

To gain real world experience thorugh internship

To learn valuable leadership skills through extra-curricular activities


BMS offer to its students these programs; 

1.    Business Vocational School

2.    Tourism & Hotel Management Vocational School

3.    Computer Vocational School

4.    Culinary Arts Vocational School

5.    Banking&Insurance Vocational School

6.    Beauty Vocational School

7.    Accounting Vocational School

8.    Jusitce  and Law Enforcement Vocational School

9.    Sport Vocational School

10. Occupational Health & Safety Vocational School

11. Fashion Vocational School

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