The Business Management School’s General English Programme represents an excellent opportunity for adults, young professionals and idealist individuals who would like to achieve significant English language progress in the shortest possible period. The General English Course is designed to improve motivated participants’ English language skills for general use. Our professional English language instructors are dedicated to increase the participants’ confidence in communicating effectively in the English language while ensuring that classes are educationally stimulating, interesting and entertaining!

The main objective of our General English Course is to develop our participants’ language skills necessary for effective everyday communication. Our course focuses on the four main aspects of language necessary for communicating successfully in English: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Our participants spend valuable time developing their general English language skills through intensive speaking, reading and writing activities within a friendly environment. Grammar and vocabulary training is also among the key components of our course. Our highest priority is to provide the course attendees’ with an excellent language education which would allow them to make rapid progress in a short time.

The Business Management School’s General English Course is educationally stimulating, lively and fun! We welcome adults, young professionals and idealist individuals who are serious about improving their English language skills for everyday communication. Throughout the course, the participants learning, participation and level of success is monitored.


Our General English Course offers instruction across the following language bands:

  • Pre-Elementary

  • Elementary

  • Pre-Intermediate

  • Intermediate

  • Upper-Intermediate

  • Pre-Advanced

  • Advanced


Participants engage in the following activities to achieve their goals.

  • Active speaking through discussion, debates and conversation activities

  • Listening to a wide range of authentic materials prepared by our language experts

  • Reading tasks designed for expanding vocabulary and improving effective reading skills

  • Practical grammar for a native-like competence

  • Communication strategies

  • Presentation skills

  • Writing strategies

  • Discussion based sessions and role-plays

  • Pronunciation Practice for Native-like Competence

  • Media and news in English

    Duration: 1 Month

    Fees:  340 USD

The General English Course offered by Business Management School can shape up your future. All you need to do is register at the BMS English School and seize opportunities that you will never forget!

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