In contrast to private and crime law, public law does not focus on the legal aspects between individuals but between the state and the individual. Besides constitutional law, administrative and statutory law are the common areas to be distinguished in the field of public law.

General Public Law, on its broadest meaning, is a discipline of law which examines the relations between individual, community and state from legal perspective.

 In other words, General Public Law examines the structure, scope, borders, change and evolution of the concept of the power in a bidirectional manner in terms of persons, institutions and communities whichever have the power or whichever are subjected to the power.

 First, the emergence of the concept of state and the power; their historical and sociological basis; the structure, elements, organs and operation of the concept of state; in general terms the whole historical perspective and in specific terms  the development and evolution of the concept of state by acquiring  international character within the process of globalisation; and in this context the constructive and formative features of international and supranational institutions over  the new power relations are within the field of General Public  Law.

 Second, in the perspective of concept of state and power, the individual and collective positions of individuals, who are subjected to the concept of sovereignty, and the transformation of their positions before the power, constitute the field of General Public Law. In this regard, within the framework of conceptual codes of facts of serf, subjects and citizens, relations of individuals with the power in social life and their positions before the power are addressed in the historical process from a legal perspective. 

 Following this point, the emergence, development and content of human rights and its de facto feature of limiting the power are the other issues of General Public Law.

Internship: 4 months(96 days). Students must complete their internship program until the end of 1 year.

At the end of the program, candidates have the right to take General Public Law certificate. 

The compulsory internship program consist of 4 months (96 working days) . Students are made their internship program in our contracted companies or centers with practical applied education in the academic year.

Duration: 1 year

Education Language: Turkish/English

Evening School: Yes


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