Business Management School of Cyprus as Vocational School has been established in  2010  in order to offer vocational training education programs regarding the  vocational education, professional vocational education and vocational certificates.

As it is known that there is a great need to expert professionals in the field of vocational training in  our country as well as developing countries.

Vocational and technical education,developing the individual as mentally, emotionally, socially, economically and personally aspects of their development in a balanced manner,  giving habits which required an information about skills , attitudes and Professional skills.

BMS is a private established vocational education School whoever wishes to work and study at the same time and also to upgrade their career . BMS offers technical ,vocational training and also helps to develop abilities in their desired profession. 

BMS has designed carefully the programs and course outlines in order to give students information about industrial and theoretical knowledge. BMS aims to prepare students for their future to solve the their work possible problems as cleverly by giving both practical and theoretical training . We offer programs like information based, economic,comprehensive Management industrial programs. Our programs such as English Language School and Vocational Schools programs are prepared to help the students to enter the world work society.

We offer practical training facilities to our students , in sectors like in service and industrial with whom we are already are in close Business relation. In this process, students are attained an entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving abilities in this process.

BMS is settled in the heart of the Nicosia city to offer vocational education.

I am proud to say that, BMS has nurtured many students in their programs and gives support to the industries who have need the  professionals

The students who graduate from our vocational School will get internationally recognized certificates and will be able to proceed their career anywhere in the world and also they can have their own businesses.

We are looking forward to accept you as students of our school for giving you a vocational and English language education at high standards.

Dont forget that to be in the family of BMS is a privilage! 



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