This program is a basic-level training including all of the processes of fashion design, and will help you develop your visual skills by combining them with technology. With the various research methods to be learned, you will follow up developments in the fashion industry, and become familiar with relations in the collection industry. 

In the begining of the program, you will focus on technical studies to build a fashion design foundation, and enhance your skills with design drawing courses and projects during the semester, including drawing, illustration, technical drawing, Photoshop/Illustrator, pattern and application techniques. Than,  you will learn how to create a design from a creative point of view, and learn the principles of creating a design while working as a designer, by preparing a 'Designer Project' with a designer from the sector and an 'Industry Project' in cooperation with a brand. This ensures that you will have a chance to work with a professional on the projects, while gaining comprehensive knowledge on the latest developments in the fashion industry, and building a strong network in the sector thanks to guest trainers and brand officials. At the end of the program, you will have a professional portfolio with a mini collection, and you will present your collection to the sector at a fashion show.


  •          Learn drawing techniques theoretically and practically,
  •          Have information on design development and application, collection planning and development methods,
  •          Have comprehensive knowledge on the practices of draping, pattern, and sewing techniques,
  •          Gain a foundation in fashion marketing,
  •          Acquire program information and practical skills in the Photoshop and Illustrator programs,
  •          Experience being a corporate designer working for a real brand with a sector project that you will prepare,
  •          Be capable of designing from a real designer perspective with a design project of your own,
  •          Build a network due to sectoral projects, trainers and guests from the sector,
  •          Create your first mini collection.


  •          Anyone who has no experience in fashion design, and who wants to create their own brand.
  •          Anyone who wants to work as a fashion designer in a corporate company,
  •          Anyone who works in the fashion and textile industry, and who wants to specialize in the fashion design field.


  •          Fashion Designer
  •          Pattern Maker
  •          Fashion Illustrator


Internship: The compulsory internship program consist of 4 months (96 working days) . Students are made their internship program in our contracted companies or centers with practical applied education in the academic year.

Duration: 1 year

Optional Prep: Yes

Language: English / Turkish

Evening School: Yes

Fees: 3295 USD/ANNUM*

Accrediation: Business Management School of Cyprus as Vocational School was established and approved by TRNC Ministry of Education at the date of 24/01/2011 and 481/11 permission.

Associate Transition Policy: The credits of courses taken  in a sub or equivalent program will be counted if they go to a top program.


*Payment Facilities:

*10 equal installment implementation is used for all credit cards.

** Who want to receive tution credit, can apply our contracted banks , named Iktisat Bank and Turkey Is Bank which there education credit is available.






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