Business Management School of Cyprus as Vocational School; has been established in order to give  Professional Training, Professional Seminnars  and  Vocational Education Services in 2010.

Business Management School of Cyprus as Vocational School was established and approved by TRNC Ministry of Education at the date of 24/01/2011 and 481/11 permission. Business Management School is a special vocational training School which the people  who want to be employed,either working or studying, or wishing to obtain vocational training and increase their personal skills during its career can participate BMS, at the same time,those who wish to get internationally recognized diploma, or who wish to enhance its  techniques and Professional skills and abilities can enroll in the School.

In developing countries , like ours, Professional people are a  necessity. The  technical and vocational education process is an enhancing process of people in a social, economic, personal, emotional also logical way which provides knowledge,skill,ability and attitude developments of any people.

Business Management School of Cyprus as Vocational School , is offered vocational training programmes which are recognized internationally. Training programmes also prepare the candidates for  the future. We give importance to theoretical and practical training which gives them the opportunity to develop their career life in a more Professional way. 

The Objectives of Business Management School of Cyprus;

1-to give vocational training who wants to become a professional,

2-to give vocational training who are already  working ,

3-to give qualified training for sectors like industry and  other Professional service

The goal of Business Management School  is to give a quality education to all students.

The graduates of our vocational School are given internationally recognized diplomas /certificates , due to which , the graduates are easily to attain the jobs anywhere in the world and or they can also be able to do their own Business

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